The specific steps of the credit card loan method are as follows


1. The user can directly choose to call the bank to apply for a credit card loan.

2. Provide the job manager with complete and accurate information about your credit card and inform the job researcher of the purpose for which the user needs to use the credit card loan.

3. wait for our bank staff to review the credit card and cardholder information.

4. After the review and approval, the bank issues the loan and credits the funds to complete the credit card loan.

What is the interest rate of credit card and how is it calculated?

Interest can generally be charged at a daily rate of 0.05%, while fees are charged at 1%-2% of the business loan amount. Many of our Chinese bank 結餘轉戶信貸評級developments now carry out a one-time charge for credit card loans. However, for different banks credit card loan policies as well as different, specific fee management standards, but also to the People's Bank of China announced the prevailing.

How to calculate credit card loan interest

At present, China's commercial banks to carry out the provisions of the 50-day (or 56 days) interest-free period calculation method does not have the same, the cardholder to provide the best can also heart or first have a bottom. Among them, ICBC relevant provisions of the enterprise this month life consumption to the next month 25 days for the interest-free period. Assuming that for the cardholder is the 30th of last month consumption, then as of the 25th of this month, the interest-free period of 25 days; if the cardholder is required to spend on the 1st of last month, the interest-free period for China's longest 56 days; China Merchants Bank through the credit card then each work has its own an accounting bookkeeping day, the interest-free period = bookkeeping day + 18 days. Assuming that the 5th is your credit card's accounting day, then the consumption on the 3rd, the interest-free period will be the company's 3rd of this month to the 23rd of the month, a total of 21 days; if the consumption on the 6th, then from the 6th of this month to the 23rd of the next month, 49 days belong to the interest-free period; CITIC construction is also a student has a monthly no accounting completion date, the longest interest-free period of 56 days.

Second, what is a credit card loan

Credit card can be described as a credit card overdraft, credit card overdraft interest rates will incur interest. Currently all banks charge a fee for cash withdrawals. In the case of overdraft cash withdrawals, interest is calculated from the same day. This way the cardholder not only has to pay a fee of several tens of dollars, but also has to pay a daily overdraft interest rate of five per 10,000.

As for the reason for the credit card withdrawal fee, and debit cards on the nature of the withdrawal service as well as different is that the credit card overdraft themselves have developed belong to the "loan in the bank, the loan company, of course, we have interest".

Therefore, experts recommend that it is better to use debit cards to withdraw cash. Many cardholders receive a statement from their bank and find that the cardholder has two repayment options, namely "full repayment" and "minimum repayment". The minimum payment is usually only about 10% of the overdraft amount. Assuming the cardholder has an overdraft of 10,000 yuan, the monthly repayment is only 10% of the loan, which greatly reduces the cardholder's repayment pressure.

However, cardholders should be reminded that credit cards with full repayment are interest-free as long as they are paid in full and on time, but credit cards with minimum payments are not interest-free for every future overdraft. And cardholders must not take it for granted that repayments are based on what they consider to be the minimum payment. As the interest rate increases, so does the repayment amount. Therefore, cardholders must repay the amount as stated on their bank statement, otherwise they will not only not enjoy the interest-free period, but will also have to pay a 5% late fee for the unpaid portion.

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The specific steps of the credit card loan method are as follows

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